The Crowd... or the Cross?

The Crowd...or The Cross?

Two Voices Which is louder to you?

The crowd says follow us.
The Cross says follow ME.

The crowd says rely on yourself.
The Cross says rely on ME.

The crowd says earn your worth.
The Cross says I AM your worth.

The crowd says bear your burdens.
The Cross says nail them to ME.

The crowd says be happy.
The Cross says be HOLY.

The crowd says if it feels good, do it.
The Cross says for lovesí sake ENDURE it.

The crowd says honor yourself.
The Cross says HUMBLE yourself.

The crowd says do.
The Cross says DONE.

Too many times we get caught up in what the world tells us to do. We are constantly bombarded with words and images that drive us away from our eternal perspective. It's easy to ignore the soft whisper of Christ's words when the world is telling us to do what feels good or what feels right. The world tells us do, do, do. If the gospel of Jesus Christs were summed up to one word, it would be DONE. So what will it be The crowd...or The Cross?

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