Baklava Ideas:

- Order a tray of baklava for your party, potluck, wedding, or any special occasion. Fresh and distinctive, it will be the talk of the evening. And they can't eat just one piece.

- Baklava for the "Twelve Days of Christmas": Every year, some individuals have a stressful time Christmas shopping. Some families have the "twelve days of Christmas" tradition. Baklava can be an excellent change of pace if offered as a gift on one of the days... Pick any day, and offer baklava pieces to match that day's number.
Hint: Make sure you pick one of the high number days, as your loved one will appreciate having several pieces. They will have a hard time eating just one piece.

- Use Baklava as a favor in your wedding

- Give Baklava as a gift on teacher's day

- Give the gift of Baklava on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or Father's Day

- Give the gift of Baklava on Boss's Day

- How about Baklava for your pastor, priest, or spiritual leader

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