Lebanese Food Photos

Lebanese Food Photos

Hummus and Tabbouli

The Shawarma sandwich (Gyros)
Shawarma and falafel are the Lebanese National Sandwiches

Lebanese Food:- Hummus and bread

Lebanese Food:- Hummus, Olive Oil, and Lebanese Bread

Lebanese Food:- Hummus and Lebanese pocket bread

Lebanese Food:- Arnabeet (fried Cauliflower)

Lebanese Food:- Samak (fish)

Lebanese Food:- Kibbe Nayye (center). Raw Kibbee, or Kibbie is ground meat with bulgur (cracked wheat)
May seem far-fetched at the beginning, but is a similar idea to steak tartar

Lebanese Food:- They always make lots of food
My mother used to say: "If you love me, you will eat more"

Lebanese Food:- tons and tons of food

Lebanese Food:- Frog Legs

Lebanese Food:- Mansaf

Lebanese Food:- Brains (cooked, of course)

Lebanese Food:- Asafeer (small birds)
When Lebanese hunt, they shoot anything that moves... large or small

Lebanese Food:- Falafel Sandwich assembly line

Lebanese Food:- Falafel Sandwich assembly line... Yummy

Lebanese Food:- Kaak

Lebanese Food:- More Kaak

Lebanese Food:- Pastry vendor

Lebanese Food:- Pastry vendor

Lebanese Food:- Buche Pastry (it is actually French pastry)

Lebanese Food:- Coffee, dessert, and falafel

Lebanese Food:- Znood issit (translated "the Lady's wrists"). This is an awesome dessert.
You will eat your fingers after it (Lebanese figure of speech)

Lebanese Food:- You always need water. This jug is called Breeq' (or bre'a )

Another form of water is Beer (ha ha). Almaza is a famous beer in Lebanon

Lebanese Food:- Orange Juice stand

Lebanese Food:- Enjoy and cool off (yummy)

Lebanese use pine nuts in many dishes. They come from the cones pictured above.
After the cones mature, they open up allowing the nuts to be taken out and shelled

Lebanese Food:- Sheep heads and feet

Coffee Peddler
with Lebanese food, a meal is not complete without coffee

Lebanese Food:- Baking bread at the Furn (bakery)

Lebanese Bread starts as flat round pieces of dough

The dough is typically flattened out by a machine

Another type of Lebanese bread is marqooq, which is much thinner than the regular Lebanses bread

For marqooq bread, the baker flips the "pillow" with the dough onto the hot saj (an inverted wok-like piece of hot metal)
The bread cooks very fast

Here they are baking various types of items: manakeesh, spinach pies, etc.

Another way of making manakeesh

Lebanese coffee is served in a demitasse (small cup)
It definitely is a very strong coffee

When all else fails, Lebanese can go to Burger King (notice the prices in Lebanese Lira)

Or there's always McDonald's

Lebanese Food:- Making Lebanese Ice Cream

Lebanese Food:- Making sharab al-toot (mulberry syrup)

Lebanese Food:- Making sharab al-toot (mulberry syrup) with a smile

Lebanese Food:- Making sharab al-toot (mulberry syrup)
The bag is squuezed, and the seeds remain in the bag

Lebanese Food:- Making sharab al-toot (mulberry syrup)
The juice is then cooked and becomes thicker.
Store and add water later to make a delicious refreshing drink

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