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Nature Photos

Moon Valley : The moon rises over a mountain in Moon Valley near San Pedro of Atacama, Chile

Ducks swim through the water in Fontanka river in central St.Petersburg, Florida

Chinese villagers go to work at sunrise on a seaweed breeding
base in Laobagang town, east of China's Jiangsu province.
The town is one of China's seaweed products export centres

Preparing for BUGA : Workers mow grass along labyrinthine orange coloured
paths in preparation of the BUGA, the German National Garden Show, in Munich

An African giraffe tends to her calf at Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo
in Nakhon Ratchasima province about 259 km (161 miles) north east of Bangkok

A view of historic site of Angkor Wat. Cambodian police have been ordered
to capture dozens of buffaloes and cows roaming in this heritage zone
because of the dung they are leaving among the ruins

A boat is bouyed on Patong Beach as the sun sets in the resort island of Phuket

Cairo sunset:
The sun sets over the twin domes of the Fatma Al-Nabawiyya Mosque
in the old Muslim district of Darb Al-Ahmar in Cairo

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