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Monir Abu Dibis: (1933) theater lover studied in France
and worked in the French TV. His work includes "The King is Dying" or "Al Malik Yamout".
Walid Akl: world famous pianist.
Warda Al Jaza2iriyah: a famous singer her mother is from Lebanese decent. Egypt
Rene'Angelil: husband of Celine Dion and a great musician with many oscars.
Paul Anka: singer, songwriter and 60's teen idol.
Amal Arafeh: an actress in the Syrian drama is born for a Lebanese mother and a Syrian father
Rojeh Assaf: known for his stage works and marvelous plays some of the awards he got were in Carthege
Festival and in an Egyptian Festival in 1994. Egypt
Lydia Canaan: First female rock star in the middle east www.lydiacanaan.com
Sami Clark: A classic singer known for his opera and theater voice.
Asmahan and Farid El Atrach: who come from a Lebanese mother and a Syrian father. Egypt
Noor El Hoda: An actress in the Egyptian cinema.
Fairouz: her real name Nuhad Haddad. www.fairouz.com Lebanon
Fares Fares - Swedish actor and film director of Lebanese origins. He won the prize for best movie at the Swedish Awards with his movie "yalla yalla" year 2000
Gloria Estefan: Latin singer of Lebanese origin.
Eduardo Falu: musician , folklorist eminent Argentina
Fouad Khouri: studied cinema and TV productions at the Brooks institute in Santa Barbara-California He is now producer and director of the company thirty seconds Pictures, and a professor of TV at Alba University....
Durayd Lahham: the well known comedian has a Lebanese mother and he lived part of his life in Lebanon. Syria
Guy Manokian: a great composer, his latest CD released is the Harem and sold out thousands around the world.
Maroun Naqash: The founder of the first theater in the middle east. He was a merchant and during his work he went to Rome. There he was enchanted with the beauty of it's archeological and modern theaters. After this trip he returned to Lebanon and there he made a theater in his house. In 1867 he decided to move to Egypt where he started his work with the theaters. After his death, his brothers' son, Salim Naqash, carried the work of his uncle.
Jad Al Rahbany: son of Elias Al Rahbany he is a composer and he composed the music for many of the Arab as well as Europian commercials
Madline Tabar: famous in most of the Egyptian drama.
Liss Sarkisian: known as (Eman) actress.

Academics, Media, Journalists
Jorge Asis novelist, journalist former Education Minister, former representant of Argentina at UNESCO former Argentine Ambassador in Portugal
M.D. Hugo Juri (khoury) he was rector of Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and former Education Minister of Argentina (Federal Goverment)
Antwan Gemayel: who released Al-Ahram newspaper
Ibrahim Maalouf: A Lebanese who is responsible for the Brazilian newspaper.Brazil
Dr. Victor Massuh: writer, philosopher ensayist former represent of Argentina at UNESCO

Elisabeth Fritz - a Lebanese woman married to a Swedish man. She is a top advocate (lawyer) and got to be the Woman of the Year in Sweden 2001

Art, Literature, Poetry
Wajdi Mouawad - one of Canada's most prominent young writers. Won "Best French Fiction" award in 1998, and "Governor's General Award" earlier in 2001.
Jorge Mansur writer and journalist Argentina

Business and Finance
Nicholas Hayek - "Mr. Swatch". Lebanese-born entrepreneur Nicholas Hayek was credited with revamping the Swiss watch-making industry in the 1980s.
Carlos Slim Helou - President of TelMex, Mexico: 20 billion dollar tele-communications tycoon. They say half of mexican businesses are owned by Carlos Slim Helou. The richest man in Mexico, and one of the richest in Latin America (according to Forbes). His Grupo Carso also owns Comp USA and CD now .
Carlos Ghosn: President of Nissan Motor Company - Read Wall Street Journal Article on him.

Robert Abi Nader: fashion designer, for more info here is his website www.robertabinader.com/index2.html
Camille Chamoun: www.CamilleChamoun.com
Nicole Gazal: Miss Australia 2002 is of Lebanese origin for more info u can visit the official website for Miss World.
Gamy Maalouf: www.gemynewfashion.com.lb.
Zuhair Murad: well known for his unique taste in fashion. www.zuhairmurad.com.lb
Yamila Diaz-Rahi: Supermodel, born in Argentina of Lebanese and Latin Descent at http://www.km02.com/ydiaz/
Georgina Rizk: Miss Universe in 1971 at www.geocites.com/southBeach/Palms/7793/mugallery.html
Elie Saab: who is most famous for designing the dress Halle Berry wore when she won the best actress oscar last year. www.eliesaab.com/flash/intro.html
Mona Saab: who creates accessories for Elie Saab...She has wonderful shoes designs, jewelry, and bags.
Ghazi Tohme: Fashion designer, for more info here is his official website www.ghazitohme.com

Medicine and Science
Elie Baghdady: an atom scientist and has many inventions written in his name. He had part in the Appolo program.
George Doumany: a Lebanese who discovered the North Pole. He went on 5 trips. He received a Cedar Gold plate from Lebanon and the American Government gave him a medal. Several places in the north pole were named after his name.
Brian Peter Medawar - Born in Brazil of Lebanese descent. Won the Nobel Laureate in Medicine in 1960 for discovery of acquired immunological tolerance.
Hussan Kamel Sabbah: a Lebanese inventor in the 30's,he has 77 inventions in his name.
Pascal Souhail Tarabay: born in Beirut in 1970 got his architecture degree in Paris and his master's degree in design with Andrea Branzi in 1998 at Milan's Domus Academy and now he has a business all around he world.

Politics and Government
Brazilian Parliament: consists of nearly 20% Brazilians of Lebanese decent.
Dr. Marie Bashir - AUstralia - Appointed as Governor of New South Wales, commencing in March 2001. Dr Bashir has a keen interest in music and the arts, as well as social justice issues, including those involving indigenous people. Dr Bashir will be the first woman to be appointed Governor of NSW, and the first person of Australian Arabic background to be Governor of an Australian State. (source www.aac.org.au )
Bucaram - Former Ecuador President of lebanese ancestry.
Steve Bracks - The current premier of the state of Victoria in Australia is of Lebanese descent (his family is originally from Zahle).
Platurco Elias Calles - Former Mexican president is supposely partly or half lebanese they called him "El Turco" In Latin America it means a person of Arab ancestry.
Miss I. Juri (née Khoury) Tourism Scretary in Province of Mendoza. Argentina
Queen Noor: queen of Jordan her full name is Lisa Najeeb Halaby and she is of Lebanese origin.
Ellias Serrano - Former President of Guatemala is Lebanese.

Monsier Francis Lahoud: Founder of Saint Louis Gonzaga Church in Yotica. He is originally from Quartaba a small mountain village in Lebanon.

Charbel Touma - A football player in the Swedish first league. Contributed by Roni Doumit, Sweden.

Sami Qahwaji: known for his unique taste of interior and exterior decor. He has a lot of works in the Arab world as well as in Europe. And now his name is a mark in the world of design.
Daizy Gedeon: made a film about her home country called Imprisoned Splendor. She left Lebanon with
her parents in 1970 at the age of 5 to Australia. video info

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Thank you to everyone who contributed recipes and photos in the past years to help us share Lebanon's beauty with the world and to help perpetuate the Lebanese culture across the globe.
Thank you especially to Aunt Maheeba's friend (sorry I forgot her name) who was originally from Saghbine (Lebanon) but who lived in Brooklyn and gave me many of these authentic recipes that she had saved from the old country. She shared them with all the young Lebanese wives who grew up here in the United States and did not have access to authnetic Lebanese recipes or training in Lebanese cooking "the right way". May she rest in peace.
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